Graphic Design Master (GDM)

Duration - 6 Month's

Graphic Design Master specializes in creativity and industry based production. Students learn to visualise, create digital graphics and editing and optimising graphics across a range of industries like web, print, digital printing, broadcast media and advertising.
Course Content
Packaging Design
Corporate Design
Advertising Design,Environmental Design
Concept & Symbolism
Printing Processes & Costing
Career Skills & Professional Practices
Elements of Graphic Design
Vector & Raster Imaging
Symbols & Icon Design
Design for Publications
Information Design
Print & Monitor Resolution
File Formats
Scanning Techniques
Post Script an Overview
Using PDF
Checking Print Files
Trapping and Overprinting
Colour Separations
Types of Dots, LPI, Paper Sizing
Printing Technique
Dealing with Service Bureau
Post-Press-Folding's, Buildings
Softwares Covered
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Corel Draw
Adobe Indesign
Quark Express / Page Maker
Adobe Device Central