Advance Action Script

Duration -2 Month's

ActionScript is the scripting language in Flash. Use ActionScript to make your applications play in a nonlinear way, and to add interesting or complex functionality that cannot be represented in the Timeline. FUTURE MULTIMEDIA is only institute in providing training on Flash ActionScript in indore . We have trained many candidates in our last few years of training. In today's very competitive industry every company is looking for something new and advanced in their campaign to attract online customers. Action Script is very powerful tool to provide solutions to all its users. One can create online/ offline games, interface designs, quizzes,portfolio,image gallary , cd presentations and more....
Course Content
Introduction to Action Script
Getting started with AS
AS languages and syntax
Object-oriented programming in AS
Working with Dates and Times
Working with Strings
Working with Arrays
Classes and Instances
Event Handling
Handling Errors
Using Regular Expressions
Handling Events
Working with XML
Display programming
Working with geometry
Using the drawing API
Filtering display Objects
Working with Movie Clips
Working with Text
Working with Bitmaps
Working with Video
Working with Sound
Capturing user input
Networking and communication
Client system environment
Using the external API
Flash player security
Case studies and projects